Corbett Keeling publishes UK Industrials Watch – Fourth Quarter 2014

Corbett Keeling is pleased to present is latest quarterly review on the UK Industrials sector, in which we look at:

  • multiples of publicly quoted companies
  • values paid by acquirers
  • deal volume
  • private equity deals

UK Industrials Watch – Fourth Quarter 2014

Corbett Keeling has published its latest edition of Private Equity Director, the quarterly newsletter for those looking to build and realise value in their private equity backed enterprises

This edition covers financial, legal, tax and wealth management issues that are crucial to building and realising the value of your business.  In this issue we look at:

  • deal activity in the private equity community, which picked up in the fourth quarter and momentum is expected to carry over into 2015
  • the giving of warranties when selling your business, particularly the balance between providing sufficient, accurate information and not unnecessarily divulging information which might harm your negotiating position
  • the potential perils of entrenched deflation and the implications for investors as the eurozone slides into deflation.

Private Equity Director – January 2015 

The figures are in, and 2014 turns out to have been a good year overall for deals in the UK private equity world

In his regular commentary on UK mergers and acquisitions activity, Jim Keeling of Corbett Keeling gives a practitioner’s view of trends in the number, value and financing of private equity deals. He finds that the momentum building in the third quarter of 2014 carried over into the final three months of the year, while sentiment remains broadly positive, auguring well for 2015.

UK M&A Watch – Fourth Quarter 2014


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Building Value, Corbett Keeling’s associate specialising in the building materials and construction sectors, reports on the UK Housebuilding sector in 2014 and considers prospects for 2015 - “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

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The Treasurer, 14th December, 2014