Advisers who understand your sector


If you are buying or selling a business, it is vital that your adviser understands the financial dynamics of not only the transaction but also your sector and is able to use that knowledge to achieve the best outcome for you. Our staff includes some 30 sector specialists in 7 sector teams. This enables us to identify and introduce you to the best trade counter-parties, source the most suitable funding and generally understand your business efficiently and effectively, so as to present it in the best possible light.

By combining Corbett Keeling’s corporate finance expertise with our sector specialists and our international network, Globalscope, we are able to identify relevant buyer types and present businesses as effectively as possible to prospective buyers.

Building your advisory team

We build a team for each client to bring together:

  • Transaction specialists – the foundation of your advisory team will be selected from Corbett Keeling’s core corporate finance and transaction specialists, who will contribute many years of experience and deal know-how combined with knowledge of and contacts into financial buyers.
  • Sector specialists – your advisory team will include experts in the sector in which your business operates. These team members will bring invaluable operating understanding of your sector and insight into the history of related transactions as well as top level contacts with potential trade buyers. This will enable us to present your business as effectively as possible to prospective buyers, highlighting savings and synergies that are relevant to your sector and ensuring these are presented in a way that is specific to the relevant buyer.
  • International network – your advisory team will work closely with Globalscope, Corbett Keeling’s international network of corporate finance advisers, to ensure we identify and contact all likely international buyers and sellers in your sector.

The buyer that will bid the highest price is often in an “adjacent square” in terms of geography, product/service and market – because then they see the most value from a combination with your business.


Only with sector knowledge and the corporate finance expertise to analyse your business taking this into account, can we achieve that maximum value when we come to sell it.

Our sector knowledge is, equally, relevant to management teams undertaking buy-outs, in order that we can present their business case as effectively as possible to funders and raise finance from the most suitable sources.

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