Advisers who understand your sector

Our Consumer sector team combines a broad range of experience across consumer-facing businesses and has in-depth understanding of the retail, travel, hotel, branded products and food and drink sectors. Members of our advisory team have worked in an operational, management or advisory capacity for a wide variety of companies in the sector, including:

Key Consumer market themes for 2016 H2:

Brands are “Healthifying“ Products

Some brands are trying to “healthify” foods by adding functional ingredients. A survey of the supermarket shelf shows ingredients like chia, flax and probiotics being added to sweet snacks. Brands will also try to better educate consumers on functional foods and ingredients.

Stores in Recession

Foot traffic is on the decline in the U.S. and Europe.  Meanwhile, as sales per square foot continue to decline after decades of growth, retailers are reconsidering size in favour of productivity, measured by profit per square foot and are utilising digital technologies to assist them.

Giants Personalize and Localize

Few consumer products companies have a direct relationship with the purchasers of their products, even as robust data analytics allow personalization and localization, leading to ever more differentiated shopper segments. However, bypassing their traditional retail partners — at least some of the time — in order to sell directly to consumers could produce hard-to-come-by growth for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. For example manufacturers and consumer companies such as Burberry, H&M, and Sport-Chek have launched technology-enabled outlets with minimal inventory and environments that invite consumers to enjoy an engaging, social, and interactive experience.

International M&A trends & market analysis

The following Consumer sector market data and commentary are produced by our market research team and global Consumer sector specialists as part of our semi-annual all sectors global report.  The data are organised into all Consumer businesses valued over $5m “All Market” and Consumer businesses valued in the range $5m to $150m the “Lower-Mid Market”.

Historic valuation trends: The following chart shows international Consumer sector business valuations over time, based on semi-annually averaged transactional data:


Regional valuation variation: The following chart shows international Consumer sector business valuations by region, based on listed company multiples as at 20 September 2016:


Sub-sector valuation variation: The following chart shows international Consumer sector business valuations by sub-sector, based on listed company multiples as at 20 September 2016: