Access to buyers is one of the key elements of value that your financial adviser provides.

In order to maximise the price you achieve for your business, access to the widest possible range of buyers is vital. To ensure that we consider every possible buyer for our clients, Corbett Keeling draws on its expertise and contacts in four key areas:

Trade buyers: Our sector specialist teams ensure that we can identify and access all potential trade buyers.

If you are buying or selling a business, it is vital that your adviser understands the financial dynamics of not only the transaction but also your sector, and is able to use that knowledge to achieve the best outcome for you. Your advisory team will include experts in the sector in which your business operates. These team members will bring invaluable operating and financial understanding of your sector, insight into history of related transactions as well as top level contacts with potential trade buyers. This will enable us to present your business as effectively as possible to prospective buyers, highlighting savings and synergies that are relevant to your sector and ensuring these are presented in a way that is specific to the relevant buyer.

The buyer that will bid the highest price is often in an “adjacent square” in terms of geography, product and market – because then they see the most value from a combination with your business.


Only with sector knowledge combined with the necessary corporate finance expertise to analyse your business, can we achieve that maximum value when we come to sell it.

Financial buyers: As a result of our specialisation in advising on management buy-outs, Corbett Keeling has particularly strong access to financial buyers. The firm can therefore identify and approach the financial buyer that is most suited to the size, sector, location and stage of development of the business we are selling.

We devote considerable resource to building strong relationships with over 100 providers of equity, debt and similar funding. We have a clear understanding of the investing preferences of each of these funders and have built a proprietary database to keep track of them. As a result, we can readily identify and secure appropriate funds for our MBO clients. These are just some of the investors we have worked with.


International buyers: We work closely with our partners at Globalscope, our international network of corporate finance advisers, to ensure that we access all possible likely overseas buyers for our clients’ businesses.

Proprietary and other databases: Corbett Keeling has developed a proprietary database to keep abreast of trade and financial buyers’ interests and activity. We use this and, of course, subscription and publicly available databases to ensure that we have identified all possible likely buyers for our clients.