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Our Support services team has a particular expertise in the consulting sector. We regularly advise clients providing management, engineering, IT, human resources, media, finance, property and legal consulting services and we publish an annual Global Consulting Mergers & Acquisitions Market Report aimed at investors in the sector. Members of our team have worked in an operational, management or advisory capacity for a wide range of consulting firms, including:


Key Support services market themes for 2016 H2:

Brexit Gives Rise to Opportunity

Professional services firms are using the fallout of Brexit to exploit revenues as they experience high volumes related queries from clients. The Big Four expect firms to reorganise in order to adapt to regulatory change. Recently, a PwC client webcast on the topic of Brexit had 15,000 attendees.

Investing in Health

The emerging trend of living a healthy lifestyle is increasing demand for relevant services and products, this extends to wellness consultants operating within businesses.

Global Freight Forwarding Market Set to Grow

The global freight forwarding market is estimated to have contracted by 1.6% in nominal terms in 2015 but there is a forecasted real growth rate of 4.6% for 2015-19. Europe’s global market share is expected to contract whilst emerging regions gain share in its place. Trade deals such as the Transpacific Partnership are likely to boost trade further.

AI and Automation Transforming Industry 

Businesses are transforming with more AI and automation to remain competitive, as high capital outlay is soon repaid with higher productivity and lower overhead costs.

International M&A trends & market analysis

The following Support services sector market data and commentary are produced by our market research team and global Support services sector specialists as part of our semi-annual all sectors global report.  The data are organised into all Support services businesses valued over $5m “All Market” and Support services businesses valued in the range $5m to $150m the “Lower-Mid Market”.

Historic valuation trends:
The following chart shows international Support services sector business valuations over time, based on semi-annually averaged transactional data:

services-1Regional valuation variation:

The following chart shows international Support services sector business valuations by region, based on listed company multiples as at 20 September 2016

services-2Sub-sector valuation variation:

The following chart shows international Support services sector business valuations by sub-sector, based on listed company multiples as at 20 September 2016: