One of the most important transactions in the lifespan of a business

A sale is generally one of the most important transactions in the lifespan of a business. Whether you are an owner or manager, having spent many years building up an enterprise’s value, you will want to take great care to ensure you maximise it when you sell. Specialist corporate finance advice is crucial in order to achieve the best possible result.

Even prior to the decision to sell, Corbett Keeling advises its clients on the possibilities available to them, so that they can decide how best to maximise the proceeds they receive.

We may advise you to consider building value and work with you to help understand the factors which affect the current value of your company and identify actions you could take to improve profit growth and reduce risk. This could dramatically increase value in the eyes of the buyer prior to commencing the selling process.

In order to maximise the price you achieve for your business, access to the widest possible range of buyers is vital. We draw on our sector expertise, strong relationships with equity and debt funders, our international network of corporate finance partners Globalscope and our proprietary databases to ensure that every possible type of buyer is considered for your business and you obtain the maximum value.