The Corbett Keeling Positioning and Readiness Optimisation Review (“PRO Review”)

Positioning your business for 20-50% higher value.

Overview - how we achieve 20-50% value uplifts

Corbett Keeling’s Positioning and Readiness Optimisation Review (the PRO Review) is the culmination of our 25 years experience selling UK lower-mid market* private companies.

We have found that most buyers, whether consciously or sub-consciously, value businesses in the same way. They start with a pre-conceived view of the value of likely future cash receipts, based on a multiple of profits and then modify that view – maybe unsurprisingly, downwards – as they learn more about the business.

In our experience we can, with a high degree of consistency, as evidenced by our recent track record (click here), position our clients’ businesses such that buyers’ initial expectations are transformed and, crucially, they feel they have to modify their initial view upwards and so pay full value. A key tool for achieving this is our PRO Review.

The core component of the PRO Review is a one day workshop including your Board and our senior team, in which we together explore:

  • first – how buyers naturally view UK lower-mid market private companies in your sub-sector;
  • second – how they might value your business today; and
  • finally – how you could modify buyers’ views of your business to secure a 20-50% higher valuation in an exit.

Process Outline - what is required from you

  1. Standard Information Request
  2. Pre-call with your Finance Director or equivalent
  3. The Workshop – strategy day with your Board
  4. Deliverables & Feedback
  5. Continued Support

Deliverables - everything needed for your 20-50% uplift

  1. Guide to the Factors of Business Value in your sub-sector
  2. Output of Valuation Model
  3. Value Enhancement Implementation Plan
  4. Business Plan Template + Draft Business Plan
  5. List of appropriate Value Enhancement Professionals including, for example, interim management experts
  6. Due Diligence Information List
  7. Information Memorandum Key Selling Messages and Preparation Checklist
  8. Exit Process Guide / Checklist

* we define “lower-mid market” companies as those valued at £10-100 million.

Click here to download a full one page description of the PRO Review.