Acquisitions and investments

Great care needs to be taken in finding, assessing, negotiating and completing acquisitions. We guide our clients through each of these steps, using our skills from being experienced “door openers”, initiating confidential dialogue with vendors, to negotiating and closing transactions.

Where our clients are considering international acquisitions, Corbett Keeling works closely with our partners at Globalscope, who provide our clients with local presence and knowledge as well as identifying acquisition opportunities.

If you are considering an investment in a new project, you will need to evaluate the risks and rewards of that investment. If the proposal involves material expenditure, a formal board paper and associated approvals may be required. Corbett Keeling assists in this process and helps to ensure that a rigorous approach is taken to evaluating the opportunity.

We have built strong relationships with all the key equity, debt and similar funders and, therefore, are ideally placed to arrange acquisition finance on behalf of our clients.

If your acquisition target company falls under the regulations of the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers (“the Code”) – broadly that is if your target is a public limited company or has issued a prospectus in the preceding ten years – we will guide you through all the steps to ensure full compliance with the Code, communicating on your behalf with the Panel and steering you through the process of making an agreed or contested takeover bid.