Independent adviser to quoted companies

Corbett Keeling acts as independent adviser to quoted companies and businesses seeking to obtain a quote via an Initial public offering (“IPO”).

In this respect, we have the advantage of being independent in a way that is not possible for either a Nominated Adviser for the purposes of the Alternative Investment Market or a traditional stock broker; a Nominated Adviser has responsibilities to the London Stock Exchange as well as its client and a stock broker has client relationships with investors as well as the business it is advising on how to raise funds. Corbett Keeling does not face either of these potential conflicts of interest and our clients receive independent and unfettered advice.

When advising companies on an IPO, Corbett Keeling assists with all aspects of the process, from preparation and the decision to carry out the IPO, to evaluation of pricing achieved in the IPO and admission to the relevant Stock Exchange. Where appropriate, we will advise our client to adopt a twin track process in order to evaluate as precisely as possible the relative merits of an IPO versus a trade sale of their business.