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Michael Wright

Consumer - Travel

Michael Wright is a leading pioneer and entrepreneur in the British travel industry. He started his career working on campsites in France, and then in 1984 he founded Riviera Travel, organising simple escorted coach tours to France. Riviera won a host of awards, and by 2010 had become the UK’s largest overseas Escorted Tour Operator. In 2014, Michael sold an 80% stake in Riviera Travel to Phoenix Equity Partners, and he stepped back from Managing Director to Non-Exec Director. A further reduction in shareholding to 8% took place in December 2017 as Phoenix exited with Silverfleet Capital becoming lead investor. Michael’s 35 year career in the travel industry, knowledge of running and exiting a successful privately-owned business gives invaluable insight and advice to clients considering a transaction, and joined Corbett Keeling’s consumer sector team in 2018, focusing on travel.


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