Corbett Keeling

Corbett Keeling has advised Futuresource and its founders on joining a private equity backed family of high growth businesses.

About Futuresource Futuresource is a specialist research and knowledge-based consulting company specialising in market forecasts and intelligence reports. Futuresource provides essential data and strategic insight to a range of clients with an interest in the dynamic electronics and media industries including the largest well-known global brands. The founders of Futuresource had built a successful business over 20+ years and were looking to reduce their financial commitment and find a good home for the business as they stepped back.

Our role and added value Corbett Keeling was engaged to find and execute the best solution for Futuresource and the founders. We worked closely with Futuresource’s senior management over a number of months to identify and assess their strategic options, develop targeted business plans and structure the deal to capture value. Our approach achieved an optimal valuation for the exiting founders and a great home for the business.


“As with most entrepreneurs, we have poured our hearts into our business and, although realising we would at some point need to step back, were cautious about beginning the process. The team at Corbett Keeling really were excellent at guiding us through the options and, when the time came, ensuring we secured the best deal with the best partner."

Sarah Carrol, Co founder, Futuresource

“None of the Futuresource team had fully realised how much effort goes into preparing for and executing a transaction.  I am extremely pleased we had the Corbett Keeling team working with us side by side throughout, their input was essential and added value both for the exiting founders and for the ongoing business."

Ian Roper, CEO, Futuresource

“We love this business and the management team’s plan for it. My thanks go to Corbett Keeling for connecting us to this opportunity and helping build a deal that works for all sides they clearly know what we are looking for and drew out the key points."

Eric, Private Equity Principal