Global reach and local presence

Corbett Keeling is a principal member of Globalscope, a leading international network of over 600 corporate financiers in 51 member firms from across 41 countries.

This network provides us with the global reach and the local presence which is vital when advising clients on their cross-border objectives and sourcing overseas buyers and sellers of businesses.

In 2016, we executed over 120 transactions with a cumulative transaction value of €2.2bn.

Globalscope partners communicate regularly, all coming together twice a year and maintaining frequent meeting, phone and e-mail contact in between, in order to generate international buying and selling opportunities for our clients.  This is, of course, over and above extensive collaboration on live transactions.

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Globalscope was founded in 1987 when a group of entrepreneurial corporate finance advisers formed the network in order to be able to extend their domestic expertise and support clients in cross-border transactions.

Our semiannual publication, the Globalscope Newsletter, offers a “starting point for business valuation across all sectors in any region in the global marketplace”. The report provides:

  • Business valuation trends by global region, by sector and by size
  • Sector commentary on notable recent transactions, lower-mid market observations and global sector themes
  • News from the latest semi-annual Globalscope international mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisors conference