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Large consumer companies continue to look at acquisitions as a source of innovation and to access brands which appeal to younger more dynamic audiences. Increasingly their focus is on acquiring mission-led consumer brands with a focus on a quality/premium offering, aspriation-led product purchasing, health and lifestyle, millennials, sustainability and transparency. They are prepared to take risks to provide quicker routes to market and higher growth.



Key consumer market themes for 2017:


Online Shopping’s Continued Rise in Importance

The volume of products bought online continues to grow at an exceptional rate, with particular focus on purchases from mobile devices. The increased necessity for sufficient cybersecurity has added another layer of sophistication to the platforms.


“Midorexia” and its Associated Spend

The stock coined phrase ‘mid-life crisis’ has a subdivision for those customers who are acting, and therefore spending, younger than their years might suggest. The phenomenon can be witnessed in the fashion industry, as well as fitness related tech and apparel.


Polarised Consumer Spending

Customers within the food and beverage sector have tended to favour the extremities of the market, as trends such as affordable indulgence and healthier eating have grown alongside staples sold in budget supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl.


Personalised Products

From holidays to hoodies, consumers continue to search for (seemingly) entirely tailorable products. Offering a wide range of services should help retailers build a stronger emotional attachment to their customers. It is now expected that all services possess some element of adaptability.


Social Media Influencer Marketing

The use of Instagram influencers by big brands has grown exponentially, although it is now expecting a crackdown from consumer protection bodies in the UK and US.


Overseas Buyers Enticed by Devalued Pound

The devaluation of sterling meant UK assets were exceptionally good value and international buyers seized the opportunity to invest.

International M&A trends & market analysis

The following consumer sector market data and commentary are produced by our market research team and global consumer sector specialists as part of our semi-annual all sectors global report. The data is organised into all consumer businesses valued over $5m “All Market” and consumer businesses valued in the range $5m to $150m the “Lower-Mid Market”.

Historic valuation trends: The following chart shows international consumer sector business valuations over time, based on semi-annually averaged transactional data:

consumer sector tev ebitda-1.jpg


Regional valuation variation: The following chart shows international consumer sector business valuations by region, based on listed company multiples:

consumer regional tev ebitda-1.jpg


Sub-sector valuation variation: The following chart shows international consumer sector business valuations by sub-sector, based on listed company multiples as at mid August 2017:

consumer sub-sector tev ebitda.jpg