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Raising Capital

Exceptional access to world-class funding when raising capital for your business

Before you raise any funds you will want and need to know the value of your business. When raising capital, whether it be development capital, to fund an acquisition, for MBO or MBI, or for a financial restructuring, our aim is that every transaction on which we advise results in the optimal mix of what we call the Corbett Keeling "3 Cs". Having listened carefully to our clients' objectives, our approach ensures they achieve the best possible combination of:

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  • CashThe quantity and terms of the funding
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  • CertaintyAchieving the greatest confidence that the transaction will be completed and cash delivered to you
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  • ChemistryWhether you can work with the people providing the funds

Equity and debt providers each have their own investment criteria and thresholds concerning the size, sector, location and stage of development of a business. In addition, when offers of funding are received, each investor will likely provide a differing quantum and structure of funding; hence, companies seeking to raise capital need access to a variety of financial investors to find the most suitable option for them. Corbett Keeling has devoted very considerable resource over the past 30 years to building strong relationships with over 200 providers of equity, debt and similar funding, across London and the whole  of the UK, so that we are able to deliver the best option for our clients.

We guide business owners on capital financing for their businesses. These are just some of the equity, mezzanine and debt investors and funders we have worked with:

Our five stage process gives our clients access to the best funding:

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    PRO Review Preparation

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    Process Preparation

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    Funder Engagement & Negotiation

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    Due Diligence & Legalities

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Funding options

Our team at Corbett Keeling will work with you to establish which type of funding best meets your objectives. These options typically include:

You may be able to raise funds from private equity firms and family offices. In return they would be looking to take a minority or majority stake in the business as part of a leveraged buy-out (LBO) transaction. The financial investor will join the board of directors and typically look to sell their stake or exit the business within three to five years.

Benefits to business owners include:

  • The ability to realise capital from your business whilst staying involved financially and operationally
  • Minimal day to day interference: Financial investors do not generally get involved with daily operations or disrupt staff
  • Strategic input into growing the business
  • Possibility of further financial investment to fund future growth opportunities 

Mezzanine debt providers sit between private equity and banks in terms of quantum and cost of funding. The core aspect of their funding is the provision of debt (typically at higher quantum and interest rate than banks). This is supplemented with a small minority equity stake. This funding route is helpful where a business owner is looking to stretch the amount of funding they are looking to raise or receive, without giving up too much equity in the process.

High street banks typically offer the lowest cost of funding, although are often more restricted in terms, quantum, and flexibility, in comparison to other funding sources. Challenger banks can be viewed as between high street banks and mezzanine funders on this spectrum. We know the particular individuals at each of the high street and challenger banks who are responsible for lending to private businesses doing transactions. These individuals sit within a different part of the bank to most companies’ day-to-day banking contact. 

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