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Our team is Corbett Keeling’s greatest asset. Candidates interested in joining the firm will undergo a rigorous selection process: we look for competency, character and chemistry. Our values have been developed from our founder’s own family values: Respect, Truth, Perseverance. They are summarised in the acronym BEST:

•    Balance: quality (over quantity), efficiency and a life outside work
•    Excellence: accuracy, clarity, self-review
•    Self-motivation: determination, responsibility, pro-activeness, creativity
•    Trust: honesty, integrity, loyalty

We are interested in applications from talented individuals who want to work with entrepreneurs, where their personal involvement will be life-changing for their clients, their employees and their families.  Applicants will probably be able to identify with Jim Keeling when he says “It always means a huge, huge amount to me personally to get the best deal for our clients. I could always see that a transaction is absolutely the most crucial time for an owner and their family, so as an advisor, you have to get it right. Business owners need someone who is deeply, emotionally, intellectually and in every way involved with them – so I feel it deep down in me, the involvement with our clients.” 

Current openings

If you identify with our values and would like to work in a small team where you will have a meaningful impact on the firm’s performance with an opportunity to shape the future growth of the business, please email

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