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Mike Campbell

Industrials - Engineering

Mike has 25 years’ experience working in and advising companies in the engineering sector. He has held various senior interim CEO, COO and performance improvement /transformation positions at companies including: Heathrow Airport, Capita, Futuresource (international research company), B&M Longworth (a cleantech capital equipment manufacturer) and Precision Technologies Group (machine tool manufacturer). He was also Managing Director of Ferranti Capital, advising on cross-border Chinese M&A deals in the engineering, industrials and technology sectors. Mike is currently the Managing Director and founder of Campbell Ventures which provides hands-on interim management expertise to improve the performance and accelerate growth of client businesses in the engineering, industrial and related B2B service sectors. He works with Corbett Keeling as an engineering and industrials Sector Adviser.


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+44 (0)20 7626 6266