21 April 2013

New value creation service for integrators in the IT and Telecoms industry

Posted by Clive Percival

Corbett Keeling and Equiteq are pleased to announce the launch of a new equity growth and realization service for owners of IT and Telecommunications Systems Integration companies who want to grow, raise finance or sell their businesses.

London (PRWEB UK) 21 April 2013

The Equity Growth Accelerator (EGA) has been launched because there has never been a better time for IT and Telecommunications System Integrators to plan their exit strategy, or raise finance for growth. Jim Keeling, joint Chairman of Corbett Keeling Corporate Finance said:

“The IT, Telecoms and Mobile worlds are converging like never before. This is creating new demand from customers and exciting opportunities for integrators to grow their businesses. Hence the mergers and acquisitions market is heating up, as companies join forces to fill skill gaps in adjacent service areas”

However, there are clearly risks to equity value in reacting to the allure of new revenue streams. Jim added:

“It is important that business leaders not to bend their companies out of shape in chasing these new opportunities. The key is to keep eyes on the strategic goals of the shareholders by making the firm attractive to financial investors and acquirers, and ultimately meet their valuation objectives. This is why we have launched a service, using the tried and tested Equiteq EGA methodology used in over 200 companies around the world, to help owners understand current value, model the path to the ideal target value, turn the company into a high value acquisition target, and if necessary, raise finance for growth along the way."

Equiteq is a strategic advisory and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transaction firm with a long track record in company valuation modelling and exit planning. Paul Collins, the Managing Partner at Equiteq said:

"Together with Corbett Keeling and Lee Shorten, the IT and Telecoms industry specialist, we’ve developed a valuation and growth planning tool that can rapidly establish what an integrator is worth today, what is driving its value up or dragging it down, model what the company could be worth if the gaps we have identified are overcome, and produce a plan to get there. Add to that Lee’s industry knowledge and Corbett Keeling’s corporate finance experience, and you have a powerful combination to maximize the value of an IT and Telecommunications Systems Integration company.

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