24 May 2018

Complying with SPA notice provisions

In the latest edition of UK Private Company Director, Ivan Shiu and Karla Dudek of Hogan Lovells note the importance of complying with all the legal minutiae when it comes to a sales and purchase agreement (SPA), and they discuss some of the key lessons from the High Court decision in the 2017 case of Zayo Group International Ltd v Ainger and others.

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21 May 2018

Telegraph Obituary of Graham Corbett, former Non-Executive Director

We are saddened to report that Graham Corbett, a former Non-Executive Director at Corbett Keeling passed away recently at the age of 83. Jim Keeling, Chairman of Corbett Keeling commented: "I remain deeply grateful for the contribution to our firm made by Graham Corbett and his younger brother Barry, my first business partner, as well as various other members of their family who funded us in our early years. Graham, otherwise known as 'The Granite face of Eurotunnel' for his role as that company's Finance Director during multiple refinancings, was a great non-executive support to us."

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9 May 2018

Make hay while the sun shines

In the latest edition of UK Private Company Director Jim Keeling, Chairman and CEO of Corbett Keeling, reports that UK M&A activity, though down slightly overall from the second half of last year, remains robust. However, Jim notes that although the market remains buoyant with both equity and debt finance widely available, conditions for sellers will not always be this favourable, and that it may be worth "making hay while the sun shines".

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