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Jim Keeling interviewed on Ian King Live, Sky News about the current strength of the UK M&A market

Jim Keeling was interviewed on Sky News with Ian King, where they discussed the current increase in business owners looking to sell, keen to take advantage of strong interest from buyers with cash to invest. Corbett Keeling, as part of the international network Globalscope Partners, completed more than 225 transactions worth over $8bn in 2021 and there's no sign of this activity slowing yet.

During lockdown, business owners may have been forced to slow down — they have either realised they enjoy the chance to breathe or they cannot take the stress of leading a business through another downturn, so many owners are now looking to capitalise on what they have built. Some business owners are looking to enjoy the money rather than continue the daily grind.

Buyers are now also looking for companies to acquire. Our recent survey, conducted with Private Equity firms, indicates there is still plenty of appetite for acquisitions post-pandemic.

Watch the full interview with Ian King on Sky News below.

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