9 November 2020

Join our Healthcare Webinar

Posted by Corbett Keeling

Covid-19 has accelerated change in the healthcare market this year. How can private business owners position their companies to benefit from these developments? Who will be the winners and losers?

Register here to join our panel of healthcare experts by Zoom at 10am on Thursday 26th November as they seek to answer the crucial questions every healthcare business should be asking right now:
  1. Where will the big money be made over the next 3-5 years?

  2. What is the best way for business owners to position themselves in these growth markets?

  3. Are there any areas where you foresee significant consolidation? 

  4. How do you prepare your business for sale during a pandemic?

Our panel of experts:

Kevin James: Experienced pharmaceuticals and biotech industry specialist, Kevin is Non-Exec Chairman of Kent Pharma. His previous roles include Chair of Rosemont Pharmaceuticals, CEO of Intrapharm Laboratories, UK MD of Wyeth Laboratories and Director of Lederle Laboratories UK.

Paul Baverstock: Corbett Keeling Healthcare Specialist, Paul has worked in the health and social care sectors for over 25 years, advising the Department of Health, NHS England, NHS Digital, PHE and NHSX, responsible for setting national policy on technology, digital and data. Paul also has extensive experience advising private companies, guiding leading healthtech and behaviour change start-ups in the UK and internationally.

Caspar Stauffenberg: Carlsquare Life Sciences M & A Specialist, Caspar has particular experience in medical devices and technology including lasers, diagnostic devices and implants. He was CEO and led the sale of German medical technology company, MAP Medizin-Technologie GmbH and then set up and became CEO of Aequos Endoprosthetics GmbH, which he also went on to sell.

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