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What our clients say

  • Network Aviation Group

    I regretted choosing one of the big four global accounting/consultancy firms for the sale of my business – although they have a big brand name, I did not feel they provided the level of detail or interaction with prospective buyers that I was expecting and I wish I had used Corbett Keeling as I did in the previous sale. As a result I have come back to Corbett Keeling to deal with our next transaction as I feel they provide their clients with both a first class and personal service which is ultimately what we are all looking for.

    Andy Leslie

    Group Chairman, Network Aviation Group

  • Futuresource

    None of the Futuresource team had fully realised how much effort goes into preparing for and executing a transaction. I am extremely pleased we had the Corbett Keeling team working with us side-by-side throughout; their input was essential and added value both for the exiting founders and for the ongoing business.

    Ian Roper

    CEO, Futuresource

  • Generic

    We love this business and the management team’s plan for it. My thanks go to Corbett Keeling for connecting us to this opportunity and helping build a deal that works for all sides – they clearly know what we are looking for and drew out the key points.


    Private Equity Fund

  • Futuresource

    As with most entrepreneurs, we have poured our hearts into our business and, although realising we would at some point need to step back, were cautious about beginning the process. The team at Corbett Keeling really were excellent at guiding us through the options and, when the time came, ensuring we secured the best deal with the best partner.

    Sarah Carroll

    Co-Founder, Futuresource

  • Speciality European Pharma

    Corbett Keeling created a way forward, where others could not, at a critical moment for the management team. Their access to the appropriate funders in the UK and overseas, and their ability to move quickly, were both crucial to making this transaction possible.

    Patrick Banks

    CEO, Speciality European Pharma

  • Alcuin

    Corbett Keeling’s insight and understanding of ACS were invaluable and we were delighted to work with Jim Keeling and his team to bring the deal to a successful conclusion.

    Adrian Lurie

    Partner, Alcuin Capital Partners

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