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What our clients say

  • Challenge Energy

    The advisory team at Corbett Keeling ... provided crucial input both prior to and during this transaction. Over about two years up to closing the deal, they advised on how to make the value of our business clear to prospective partners and then deal with their approaches. This helped us attract the right company, at the right time for the right price. In the final months, during the sale process itself, they provided invaluable input on how to present to, and negotiate with, the purchasers. Throughout, they were always available when needed, working diligently and providing incisive, timely advice.

    Nick Hooke

    Co-founder, Challenge Energy

  • First Athens

    We were delighted to be introduced to Duke Street, owners of Payzone Group, by our UK partners Corbett Keeling and were ideally placed to advise on the sale of their Greek subsidiary to OPAP. This transaction demonstrates how the Globalscope Partners work together to provide their clients with the best possible corporate finance advice on a worldwide basis.

    Takis Solomos

    Founding Partner, First Athens

  • ANA Aviation Services

    The transaction was far more complex than I had initially realised. Dealing with banks and lawyers in various foreign jurisdictions as well as the UK and also ensuring that we were completely compliant with all the relevant tax authorities was no mean feat and Corbett Keeling managed the whole process with complete professionalism and utmost care - we could not have done it without them.

    Andy Leslie

    Former Controlling Shareholder, ANA Aviation Services

  • CatCap

    Corbett Keeling’s familiarity with the UK private equity market alongside ours in Germany meant we were able introduce to the Hörmann Group a unique opportunity to strengthen its presence in the UK industrial and domestic door market. It is an excellent example of how the Globalscope network of international corporate finance advisers can work.

    Michael Moritz

    Founder, CatCap Corporate Finance

  • Alpha Financial Markets Consulting

    We were very pleased with the support we received from Corbett Keeling ... They were very knowledgeable about our industry, helped us build a compelling value case for an investment by Baird, and managed our process very effectively and diligently to achieve an excellent result for all.

    Nick Kent

    Former CEO and majority shareholder, Alpha Financial Markets

  • Baird Capital

    Many thanks to Alpha’s advisors on this transaction, Corbett Keeling ... the whole process was as painless as it could be, which is a great testament to the quality of their advice and input.

    Chris Harper

    MD, Baird, private equity owner of Alpha following its sale by Corbett Keeling

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