13 July 2015

Rami Ranger MBE, Chairman of Sun Mark, crowned winner of the Corbett Keeling ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award.

Posted by Emma Keeling

At the Red Ribbon Awards on Friday 10 July 2015, Jim Keeling was delighted to announce Rami Ranger, MBE, Chairman of Sun Mark, winner of the Corbett Keeling "Lifetime Achievement Award".

Presenting the award to Reena Ranger-Ahuya, who stood in for her father when he had to go abroad at the last moment for family reasons, Jim commented:

" This is an award that recognizes the hard work, creativity, determination and willingness to take risks which go into building a successful family business. It is my great pleasure this evening to be part of the Red Ribbon Awards celebrating your successes.”

Red Ribbon Awards_Sun Mark

The judges commented “As a young man, Rami came to England speaking no English, yet has risen to become one of the most inspiring and respected business leaders the UK has ever seen. Not only did he see opportunities that other people missed, he worked harder than other people were willing to and fought hard for his place in British business society. On top of this, he has gone on to become a political reformist, a generous philanthropist and someone who is passionate that everyone in life, no matter their race or background, should have a chance to make a contribution. Add to this his decoration from Buckingham Palace and an unprecedented five Queen’s Awards for Enterprise and it’s not hard to see why Rami Ranger deserves to win the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award.”





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