10 May 2021

Inflation: The great rate debate

Our regular contributor to UK Private Company Director, Kleinwort Hambros, discuss that as the global economy emerges from COVID lockdowns, inflation looks set to rise. Kleinwort Hambros consider whether this is likely to be lasting or temporary and assess what it might mean for markets. 

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6 May 2021

What you need to know about synthetic warranty insurance

Our regular legal contributors, Dechert LLP, discuss that synthetic warranty coverage is the latest development in the warranty and indemnity insurance market. Dechert LLP explain how it works and what buyers and sellers need to know.

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4 May 2021

Private equity activity is strong - this is good news for buyers and sellers

Corbett Keeling was established on the belief that a good deal can satisfy all parties. Our chairman and CEO, Jim Keeling, was brought up with an old family story about his grandfather negotiating the rent for his new office. He was delighted to have secured premises but realised that, flushed with success, he had left his umbrella in the meeting. When he got back to the office, he found the landlord dancing round the umbrella, in celebration of finding a new tenant! The lesson – that any successful deal should make both sides happy – stood my grandfather in good stead over a long career and has subsequently been passed on into the DNA of Corbett Keeling.

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