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13 December 2021

No plans to raise Capital Gains Tax

Last week The Finanical Times reported that the Treasury does not plan to raise CGT at the moment. Read the full article here in The Financial Times. 

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30 November 2021

Preparing your business for a sale.

Our CEO and Chairman, Jim Keeling, shares his thoughts on how business owners can prepare their business for sale in Arbuthnot Latham's new Exit brochure. 

Jim explains, "A key consideration of selling your business is to have the widest possible range of buyers in the competitive bid process; trade, financial, domestic and overseas. Our goal is to deliver for every client the maximum cash, the best chemistry with the buyer and the greatest certainty the deal will happen.”

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22 November 2021

What challenges do Family Businesses face?

Jim Keeling was interviewed alongside Michel Roux Jnr and other renowned family business owners for Decision Magazine.

Click here to read the full article on page 13. 

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